Letter: Houlahan puts party over country on impeachment

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To The Editor,

Congresswomen Chrissy Houlahan has joined all but two of her fellow Democrats by voting yes on the resolution to “formally” start an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States.

Once again, Chrissy Houlahan has placed party over the people by blindly following Congressman Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi down the “impeachment” rabbit hole.

Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan publicly vowed weeks ago in an op-ed that her “responsibility as a representative was to focus her work on improving people’s lives through advancing critically important legislation involving everything from transportation to education to health care”. If that statement was true, she would refuse to go along with the impeachment charade that does absolutely nothing to advance important initiatives like the USMCA, comprehensive immigration reform or advancing the vote on defense funding.

Congresswoman Houlahan, and the Democrat controlled House, have gotten very little accomplished on these important issues in the first 10 months of their majority.

Furthermore, they have wasted precious legislative time by focusing their committee work on unsubstantiated Russian collusion and now, in the past month, on an out of control and secretive investigation into a phone call with the Ukraine president that the US DOJ has clearly said was not illegal or in violation of any law.

Through Chrissy Houlahan’s direct support and vote, the House will continue to ignore the people’s business by continuing its focus on an historically unprecedented and unfair impeachment process. By doing so, she is directly complicit in the greatest political sideshow in US history while her constituents’ policy needs are shoved to the side of the road.

The people of the 6th District deserve more from Houlahan. We did not send her to Washington

D.C. to play political parlor games. We sent her to get things done for the people of the 6th District!

Tom Siedenbuehl

West Caln

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  1. CT says:

    Yeesh… was this cut and pasted from Fox News?

    You do know there are dozens of things that have passed the house but have been refused to be taken up by the Senate, right? You do know that the closed (not secret) proceedings are following rules passed by Republicans when they are in the majority right? You know if you watched yesterday’s proceedings, there seems to be a lot of wrong things going on, right?

    Something tells me you were all for the Benghazi hearings, even though that didn’t really produce anything… did it?

    Just because it is news you don’t like doesn’t mean it’s fake news, Tom. Something tells me you’ve uttered, “liberalism is a disease” or have a bumper sticker to some effect.

    Downingtown Times should be a bit more picky about the letters they publish. This is one George Soro’s statement away from being published on infowars.

    • Mike McGann says:

      So…free speech applies only to those who agree with you. Got it. Democrats need to be very wary of closing off any opinion that disagrees with their world view, something Republicans have already done. As the letter writer is one of three Republicans running to challenge Ms. Houlahan (they chose not to identify themselves, as would have been the case with an Op/Ed). The Times will continue to run opinion from across the spectrum of thought in Chester County — as any responsible outlet would.

      • CT says:

        Oh, I got it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from pointing out low rent opinions, thoughts, and muddled reality. So this is less of an Op/Ed and more of an opening campaign statement. Probably should have mentioned that then the hackery could have been explained away.

        With that said…. I think more people should participate in elections and am glad to hear folks will have a choice come primary season. Best of luck, Tom.