Op/Ed: Olson, George, Cover best choice for PA

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By Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh, Chester County Sheriff


Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh

Over the past few years, Pennsylvania’s highest court has been sadly rocked by scandals that have shaken the foundation of our courts to its very core. With the turmoil that has been surrounding the Supreme Court in recent years, this year’s historic election for the three statewide courts is more important than ever.

I am proud to voice my support for all five of the Republican Statewide Judicial candidates, for Supreme Court Judge Judy Olson, Judge Mike George, and Judge Anne Covey, for Superior Court Judge Emil Giordano, and for Commonwealth Court Paul Lalley.

All of these judges will serve the people of Pennsylvania with integrity and distinction with which they have conducted themselves throughout their personal and professional lives.

They understand the cloud that has formed over the court in recent years, and share a commitment to bringing honor and integrity back to our judicial system.

Judge Judy Olson has served on the state Superior Court in 2009 and is “highly recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. A graduate of Duquesne Law School, where she finished second in her class, Olson has a track record of serving her community outside of the courtroom. Her volunteer work has earned her recognition from the American Heart Association, and she remains active with her local church.

Judge Mike George is currently as the President Judge for Adams County. A former District Attorney, Judge George has also received countless awards for his dedicated service from organizations such as the State Association of Catholic War Veterans and the Health Adams County Domestic Violence Task Force.

Bucks County’s own Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey for her role in authoring the opinion in Corman v. NCAA. She ruled that the $60 million in fines levied by the NCAA against Penn State must remain in the state. A 25 year legal veteran, Judge Covey also volunteers with her township’s baseball and soccer associations.

Our three terrific Supreme Court candidates will be joined on the ballot this November by Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano and Commonwealth Court candidate Paul Lalley.

Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano currently serves as a judge on the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. Under his leadership, Northampton County became the first county in Pennsylvania to require a nationally recognized certification for all court-appointed attorney guardians. He also gives back to his community by serving as an adjunct professor at both DeSales University and Moravian College.

Our Commonwealth Court candidate, Paul Lalley, is a highly experienced lawyer who has specialized in labor and employment, municipal, school law and appellate law. In addition, Paul has numerous trainings for public school administrators on student discipline and employee privacy issues.

Our Republican slate of judicial candidates is dedicated to their communities as well as the rule of law. I am proud to support Judges Judy Olson, Mike George and Anne Covey for the state Supreme Court, Judge Emil Giordano for the Superior Court, and Paul Lalley for the Commonwealth Court, and I hope that you will support them as well. For more information, please visit www.pagopjudges.com or call the Republican Party of Pennsylvania at (717) 234-4901.

Carolyn Welsh, a Pennsbury resident, is the Sheriff of Chester County and serves as Treasurer of the State Republican Party.

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