FOP, Chamber announce commissioner endorsements

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Election2015Two high profile groups announced this week their endorsement of the current incumbents on the Chester County Board of Commissioners.

Both the Chester County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #11 and Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry announced their endorsement of the reelection of Commissioners Terence Farrell, Kathi Cozzone and Michelle Kichline. Farrell and Kichline are Republicans and Cozzone is a Democrat. In the November election, each party nominates two candidates and the top three votegetters are elected. The other candidate is long-time West Chester Council member William Scott, a Democrat.

“We believe all three candidates will continue to lead Chester County to be the driving force behind the economic prosperity and workforce development,” CCCBI President & CEO, Guy Ciarrocchi said in a statement issued by the organization. “As individuals and as a team, they have contributed to Chester County’s economic growth—and, set forth the groundwork to continue that growth for generations.”

Farrell, in a statement, said he was proud to have the CCCBI’s endorsement.

“It is a privilege to be endorsed by such an esteemed organization as the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry,” Farrell said.. “Such an endorsement, I believe, is a testament not only to the good work we are doing as the Board of Commissioners, but more importantly and precisely, it is recognition of the great work our department heads and their staffs do every day on behalf of the citizens of Chester County. It is on behalf of our County employees that I am pleased to accept this honor.”

The FOP endorsements also included the row offices, with the organization backing incumbents District Attorney Tom Hogan, Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh and Recorder of Deeds Rick Loughery, all Republicans. The group is also backing Republican candidate Matt Holiday, who seeks to replace the retiring Brian Walters.

“This is an election for local offices,” Chester County FOP President Butch Dutter said. “Local officials play a crucial role in supporting Chester County law enforcement. The Chester County FOP is proud to support these candidates, all of whom have demonstrated strong support for the men and women who protect and serve the citizens of Chester County.”

Cozzone expressed her appreciation of the endorsement.

“The relationship between the Chester County Commissioners and Chester County law enforcement is strong and enduring,” she said. “I deeply appreciate the endorsement of the Chester County FOP.”


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