Letter: True conservatives believe in democracy and the rule of law

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To The  Editor:

Beware of people who are oblivious to the obvious. People who lose an election, and believe they won. Not based on evidence. But based on what they “feel.”

I am a Conservative. Many Republicans today delude themselves by calling me a RINO (Republican In Name Only). True Conservatives believe in the Constitution, Democracy, and the rule of law. Donald Trump only believes in himself. Every other value, or person, is expendable.

Don’t believe me?

Pay attention when he speaks. Then watch what he does. Do you really believe if you are loyal to him, you are “special?” If that pitch sounds like a cult, it’s because it is. Today there are even people in some churches whose words and deeds imitate Donald more than they do Jesus. Like Donald, they mistake bluster for courage. They need to feel like they are brave. But they hate real courage.

Remember when Donald referred to John McCain as a loser because he had been captured when his jet was shot down in Vietnam? Donald hated McCain for possessing something Donald lacks completely: character. When McCain was offered an early release because his father was an Admiral, he declined because it violated the military code of being released in order of capture. Can you imagine Donald turning down that deal? You can’t. Donald is incapable of putting anyone, or any ideal, above himself. To not see that, you might be a bright person. But you have surrendered your common sense.

Listen to him talking code to encourage cowards to make anonymous threats, against prosecutors, judges, witnesses, poll workers, political opponents, journalists, or anyone else he feels threatened by. Republicans stuck on Trump (the real RINO’s) are stuck on stupid. Will the Party be too?

James Tweed

Ocean City, NJ

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