D-Town East wins wild one over N. Penn, 61-44

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By Chris Sheehan, Correspondent, The Times

Downingtown East players celebrate during an epic 61-44 win over North Penn, Friday night.

DOWNINGTOWN — In “The Battle at Kottenmeyer,” Downingtown East won an epic game during home opener against Suburban One League powerhouse North Penn, Friday night — a back and forth contest that lit up the scoreboard and broke scoring records.

The game was one to remember as it was the most points scored by both teams in the fields history. The final came to 61-44 totaling a whopping 105 combined score which broke a school record set back in 2008.

Assistant coach Darren Wasser of Downingtown East had some good words to say about his own team as well as North Penn.

“North Penn they’re a tough team,” Wasser said. “A quality team. They have what, nine district championships? To play a team that caliber shows a lot about these kids. Great coaching and great program.”

He also felt strong about the preparation Downingtown has put in for their upcoming season.

“We’ve been at is since January second, preparing physically, mentally and just trying to get ready for this entire season.” When asked about his players he had a few in mind that teams should keep an eye on throughout the season. “Glazer, Stocker, two 2 year starters coming back, Aivado coming in and being hurt last year not playing much but blossoming into the player he is, he’ll only get better and better”.

Both teams showed up to play in this game — and boy did they give the big crowd on hand a show. With zero hesitation out of the gate, North Penn received the ball to start off what would be a true spectacle. A strong return set up North Penn pretty well at their own 44 yard line. Both teams were playing like it was a playoff game. Second down brought up an early penalty call that brought North Penn back to set up a third and long.

With a lot of gridiron to work with, North Penn sets up as they face a third and long their first drive. A screen pass called was thrown from quarterback Brandon Kennedy to wide receiver Shamar Edwards who danced around and took it to the end zone on a 63 yard touchdown. North Penn put up the early points with a good field goal bringing it to 7-0 with 10:18 left in the first quarter.

Now with the ball back, Downingtown set up for their first drive of the night. With North Penn’s defense looking solid, East knew it would have to play hard in order to beat this iron defense. Led by their quarterback Bryce Lauletta, Downingtown made its way down the field with plays made by Lauletta himself, runs by both running backs Tim Aivado and Garvey Jonassaint, and big plays by Brassir Stocker.

After a big throw from Lauletta to TE Connor Noble, a run for Aivado set up the Cougars in a first and goal red zone situation. The defense was a little worn down due to the duration of the drive and the offense seemed a little more conditioned, or just touchdown hungry. On first and goal, Lauletta delivered a rocket throw in between defenders that was completed for the equalizing touch down. The kick was thereafter good making the game 7-7 with 8:31 left in the quarter.

After a return to their own 34, North Penn would set up for their second drive of the night. On a first down quarterback keeper, Downingtown was able to get the sack behind the line for a loss of 3. The following play, a completed pass to Justis Henley over the middle was given some extra life after the play as Downingtown was called for a late hit penalty moving North Penn up to Downingtown’s 45 yard line.

Following the penalty, North Penn would set up again. On this play, a wide receiver screen to Henley proved worthy as he danced his way down the sideline to Downingtown’s 14 yard line. This would be the last great play of this drive as Downingtown was able to hold the offense to a three and out causing North Penn’s field goal unit to assemble on the field. The kick delivered was good for three making the score now 10-7 North Penn.

North Penn would now kick off to Downingtown who took a decent return to their own 39 for the start of their new drive. Tim Aivado had a great night filled with several strong, stumbling runs he was able to keep alive for extra yards such as the one he displayed on this first down. A few runs were given to Aivado who was only able to bring it nine yards causing there to be a fourth and one situation. The punt team unit came on the field and kicked a punt to North Penn which rolled to North Penn’s 16 yard line. After a strong run on first down, North Penn was able to set up for another first down opportunity.

Kennedy threw a bomb down field for running back Anthony Penna which fell incomplete. The next play on a cross route thrown over the middle, Kennedy’s ball was tipped and intercepted by Downingtown and was tackled at North Penn’s 20 yard line. Downingtown would set up deep in North Penn’s territory.

After two big runs by Jonassaint which set them up in the red zone, a handoff to Stocker turned into a Downingtown touchdown as he raced for the pylon and just was able to squeeze it in. The score was now 13-10 as the field goal was blocked by North Penn. Downingtown was now set to kick with 35 seconds left in the quarter.

North Penn would set up now on their own 38. A handoff to Henley set up North Penn in the red zone with a huge run down the sideline. The following play they were able to punch it in on a quick slant route for the touchdown. The score is now 17-13 with 11:13 left in the half.

The kick return was a good one as a dancing return set up Downingtown at their own 46. This drive was very long with several runs by both Aivado and Jonassaint which brought Downingtown to a fourth and one situation. The offense came back on the field and set up by it was actually a fake punt kicked by Lauletta which rolled to North Penn’s 13 yard line.

North Penn would march right down the field with a few big throws from Kennedy to Henley and Kasseem Cartwright. Two other big runs in the red zone by Patrick O’Neill would give North Penn another touchdown putting them up 23-13 due to another blocked kick. However, on the kickoff back to Downingtown, Brassir Stocker was able to electrify the entire stadium with a kick return for a touchdown. The score was now 23-20 North Penn leading.

North Penn would get the ball back but end up going three and out and punting the ball to Downingtown. Downingtown would start their drive but on the first place with a pass over the middle, North Penn was able to pick it off on an interception and get the ball to flip sides. North Penn would now go back out on offense.

After a big march down field, a run straight up the middle by Anthony Andrews would put more points on the board for another North Penn touchdown. After the kick the score was now 30-20 North Penn. North Penn would now kickoff to Downingtown.

On a good return, Downingtown would set up their drive at their own 40. On first and ten Downingtown threw another interception where North Penn would get the ball back. However, in a series of crazy events, the following play North Penn would throw an interception back to Downingtown, where they would get another chance to try and score.

Second chances are often times good, especially in Downingtown’s case. Aivado was able to punch it in there after a huge goal line stand by North Penn. Downingtown was able to convert the field goal, and at the half the score was now 30-27 North Penn leading.

Downingtown would get the ball at the beginning of the second half and would come out of the gate swinging. A massive run on first down by Jonassaint would put Downingtown in great field position. A few runs later, a quarterback keep by Lauletta is what gave Downingtown another touchdown. The field goal was blocked, so the score was now 33-30 Downingtown with the lead.

On the kickoff to North Penn, a pooch kick would deceive North Penn’s return team and it was muffed. Downingtown was able to recover and start a new drive right after scoring on the previous one. Runs by Aivado and Jonassaint would get Downingtown into the red zone but it was Aivado who would get another one for his team making the score 40-30 with 9:32 left in the third quarter.

North Penn would get the ball back on the kickoff. A return would take it to their own 41 would set them up in decent field position. However, on this drive after a series of runs and one incomplete bomb down the field, North Penn was forced to punt to Downingtown. On a punt return of about 8 yards, Downingtown would set up for their drive on their own 41.

Stocker took this drive into his own hands. With a long catch down the field, Downingtown was set up in good field position. Stocker got the ball on the 22 yard line and with a trucking run, was able to barge his way through the defense into the end zone for the touchdown. After the converted kick the score was now 47-30 Downingtown in the lead.

North Penn would receive the kick from Downingtown and on a touchback they would start on their 20 yard line. This drive was thwarted as Downingtown caused a three and out forcing North Penn to punt. However, North Penn was able to do the same to Downingtown on the following drive forcing Downingtown to give the ball back.

First play on their redemption drive was not held back as Kennedy threw a bomb down the field to Henley who just burnt the Downingtown secondary. Henley would score on a 61 yard pass making the score now 47-37 with Downingtown still in the lead.

North Penn kicked to Downingtown who would return it to their 29 yard line to begin their drive. This drive for Downingtown was the longest of the game and consisted of the work of every player on that field. With runs rotating between Aivado, Jonassaint, and Stocker and passes to Spencer Umburger, Lauletta was able to march his offense down the field.

Umburger caught a ball which placed Downingtown in the red zone but was injured on the play. After that injury Lauletta used his own two feet to get the quarterback keep in for the touchdown. The score was now 54-37 Downingtown leading North Penn with 8:48 left in the game.

Downingtown kicked to North Penn who would return the ball to their own 42 yard line. Henley seemed to be Kennedy’s main target at this point in the game as he was thrown to 4 different times during the duration of this drive. The drive itself proved to be useless as North Penn was forced to punt to Downingtown.

After the punt, Downingtown kept the ball on the ground the rest of the game. With two big runs for Aivado, Downingtown was in great field position at their own 25. From here on out, Jonassaint did the rest of the work with 3 carries that would eventually get him into the end zone. These were the last points scored by Downingtown and the score was now 61-37.

North Penn would get the ball back on their own 36 after a decent return. Some starters were taken out on the defensive side of the ball for Downingtown. North Penn marched down the field with the clock ticking away. A wide open pass across the middle would put the final points on the board for North Penn with a 25 yard touchdown pass. The final score was 61-44 Downingtown East. After the kickoff following the touchdown Downingtown went into victory formation and let the time run out.


Downingtown East’s next game is against Roman Catholic at Roman Catholic September 7 at 7:00. Their next home game is the 16th against Henderson.










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